Daile Kelleher

For Clayfield

The old parties aren’t listening to locals

You deserve a say in the growth and development of your neighbourhood and Queensland’s future.

I’m a Hamilton resident, and like many local people and business owners I’ve spoken to, I’m concerned about the lack of consultation around property development and the impacts on infrastructure, green spaces and sustainability. Hamilton and the wider Clayfield electorate is a great part of Australia, but to keep the area liveable we need to address housing affordability, tenancy and rental rights. The vibrancy of inner-city life and the night-time economy is also under threat from lockout laws, which affects residents, visitors and workers.

I'm concerned that the old parties aren't listening to the needs of locals, without a long term plan for the positive growth of the region. I want to listen and help give the power and voice back to those who are affected most by decisions made by government in their backyard and beyond.

Daile Kelleher – Queensland Greens

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People just like you feel frustrated and disenfranchised by our political system and the two old parties. We can help voters to articulate these legitimate frustrations by reaching out to the Clayfield electorate, listening to and then amplifying their voices. We need your help to reach out to as many people in the community as possible.

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The upcoming Queensland State Election hasn’t been called yet, but we’re hoping to reach out to the community early and often.

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I’m here to listen to your concerns, because just like you I’m a local, a voter, and I’m fed up with the two old parties who have forgotten the people they represent. I know you have ideas and opinions about our neighbourhood and Queensland’s future that are worth hearing. Send me a message with the form below, or if you prefer you can contact me via my Facebook Page.

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About Daile

I’m a charity worker with a focus on sustainable living and communities. My work throughout Queensland is backed by qualifications and experience in retail management, sustainability and vocational education.

I enjoy writing, arts and music, and engaging conversations with family and friends. I believe volunteer work is a vital part of communities and volunteer weekly at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, as well as with the Queensland Greens. I'm a strong advocate for women's rights, the LGBTIQ community and social justice.

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